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Hold on! The Classical Music Initiative is not accepting new proposals at this time. Nearly two dozen proposals are currently in pilot development. Watch this space for news of the CMI’s next phase of projects and plans. —Mary Lee, Project Director (8/2005)


Public radio and classical music are headed in exciting new directions. And you can help determine exactly where they go.

As part of the Classical Music Initiative, American Public Media, in partnership with The National Endowment for the Arts and others, will make a substantial investment in new program strategies, new ways to listen and new talent (that's you).

Our goal is to find ways to best use 21st century media to capture and convey the vigor and vitality of classical music to 21st century audiences.

American Public Media's Classical Music Initiative seeks proposals for development and production of new classical music programming for radio and related media.

If you have a good idea, we want to work with you to develop it.



  • New concepts and approaches for conveying classical music to broad audiences using radio, the Internet and/or other emerging technologies.
  • Proposals not only for music programming but also for informational, educational, and/or critical programming that will increase the audience's understanding and appreciation of classical music and the artists who create it.
  • Programs that aim to build new and diverse audiences for classical music radio.
  • Programs based in new partnerships that can bring new voices and new content to the public radio system.
  • Proposals that include new approaches that cross the boundary between traditional news and music formats or between radio and other media platforms.
  • Proposals for components that add value to existing programs or program streams.



Create a short written statement of 1-3 pages outlining
1) Your concept and your role in implementing the project
2) the experience and talent you will bring to the project
3) how it will address the guidelines outlined above
4) why it is too cool to pass up
5) how to contact you.

Your proposal can be sent at any time. Submissions will be reviewed on a continuing basis.

Mail or e-mail it to:
Mary Lee, Project Director and Managing Producer
email info@classicalmusicinitiative.org

Classical Music Initiative

American Public Media
45 E. Seventh Street
St. Paul, MN 55101

You will hear from us in 2 to 3 weeks.


This is not a grant application. Projects accepted for further development will be contracted by American Public Media in keeping with its Program Research and Development Policy. Ownership of any idea submitted in response to this RFP remains with the creator until such time as a production agreement is entered into, at which time ownership is negotiated. By submitting a concept, you acknowledge that others may submit similar ideas and relinquish all claims against American Public Media.

Submissions will be reviewed by a working group consisting of radio and new media production leaders from American Public Media, the public radio system and leaders from the field of classical music, who will recommend projects for further inquiry and development.



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