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Welcome! This space highlights programs that have been accepted for development by the Classical Music Initiative production fund.

Music and Nature
One hour program special and Web site



A sound-rich exploration of how our changing relationship with the environment is reflected in music.




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Hosted and produced by Philip Blackburn with Brian Newhouse.


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Composers have long been inspired by the sounds around them, and now scientists are beginning to listen more closely to the effects of sound. Music and Nature touches down in the jungles of Samoa, the Florida Everglades, Thailand, the American Midwest, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Through interviews, musical examples, as well as remarkable field-recorded audio, the program delves into the ways that music and ecology are now speaking to each other.

Visitors to musicandnature.org can listen to music that relates to nature, take the "Name That Tune" challenge to identify nature sounds, and listen to interviews with a variety of pioneers in the field. One-stop shopping for the eco-curious at musicandnature.org.

Station note:
Music and Nature is available for broadcast via PRX.org. http://www.prx.org/piece/4289



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